December 28, 2016

Start the New Year on the Right Paw: Commit to Better Pet Health Care

Cat and Dog in Snow
In just a few short days, we will be ringing in the New Year! As a pet parent, there’s nothing better than entering the new year ensuring your pet starts the year off on the right paw.

No matter how old, young, healthy, or sick your pet is, there are always things we can do better to ensure our pets are safe, happy, and comfortable.

Keep reading to find out how you can help your pet start the year off on the right paw.

Commit to a Healthy Pet Diet

Cat EatingOne way to ensure your pet lives a healthy life is to feed your furbaby quality pet foods that provide them with the best nutrition possible.

Unfortunately, commercial pet foods just don’t cut it when it comes to safety and nutrition.
First of all, commercial pet foods are often stuffed with grain-based fillers. This means your pet isn’t getting the nutrition he needs to thrive.

Top it off with the numerous, unsafe commercial pet foods on the market, and you’ll see how big of a threat commercial pet foods are to your pet's health.

Just take a look at the most recent pet food recalls that have taken place this year. Dangerous foods filled with harmful chemicals, salmonella, and mold kill countless cats and dogs every year.

It’s heartbreaking, unnecessary, and completely avoidable.

You can avoid the dangers of bagged dog food when you feed your pets all-natural pet food, like The Original CrockPET Diet.

I used my medical knowledge as a vet to personally formulate this diet to provide your pet with safe and optimal nutrition. It’s what I feed all of my pet’s and I know your pet will love it, too.

Commit to a healthier meal plan for your pet this year and get The Original CrockPET Diet for your cat or dog.

Commit to Giving Your Pet More Exercise

Dog Running with ToyJust like humans, pets need exercise to stay healthy and agile.

This year, I hope you’ll commit to providing your cat or dog with more exercise.

Here are a few fun things you can do to give your pets more exercise:

  • Go hiking with your dog
  • Play with a bird toy with your cat
  • Bring your pup to your local dog park
  • Provide your cat with a cat tower he can climb
  • Pull out your cat and dog toys on a more regular basis and play with your pet

Your pet will certainly benefit from a little extra exercise, but the best part is that she gets to spend extra time with her favorite!

It’s easy to take a dog outside for walks and run around in the backyard, but I know it’s not quite as easy for cat owners to exercise their cats.

If you’re a cat parent, check out these ideas for exercising your cat.

Commit to Taking Care of Your Pet’s Health Care Needs

Tiny PuppyAll pets should visit the vet at least once a year for a checkup and vaccinations.

If you’ve neglected bringing your pet to the vet in the past, now is the time to get your cat or dog in for a visit.

Checkups are important because vets will do a head-to-tail inspection of your pet to ensure he is healthy. In addition, your vet might be able to detect health problems you are not aware of.
When detected early, most health issues can be easily treated.

On top of detecting health problems, your vet will also provide you with vaccines and medications, such as flea and tick treatments, that will keep your pet safe from illness and disease.

Above everything, there is no better way to ensure your pet has a great year than by giving your cat or dog the medical care he needs.



Cheers to a Lifetime of Great Health!
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