April 19, 2018
Josephine's Story: Retraining the Pet Owner

Josephine I met Josephine the cat when I was a senior in vet school, during my internal medicine rotation. Josephine’s owner was a clinical psychologist, and she brought her kitty to the vet school because no one had been able to figure out why Josephine weighed so much. She was looking for answers, to help heal her […]

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July 2, 2017
Why Do Cats Need Taurine?

You may have heard your vet talk about it, but may not have asked questions. It's an important part of your cat’s diet, but you may not know why. We’re talking about taurine. What is it? And why do cats need taurine in their diets? What is Taurine, and why is it important? Taurine is an […]

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November 23, 2016
Giving Thanks: CrockPET Diet Success Stories

Wet puppy kisses, kitty cuddles, and an endless amount of unconditional love. Our pets give us so much to be thankful for. And for that reason, I’m sure you’d do just about anything to show your gratitude for their love and affection. So what happens your pet begins to age or develops a chronic or […]

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October 19, 2016
Dry vs. Fresh: The Health Benefits of Home-Cooked Cat Food

As a cat owner, you aim to provide your fur baby with the best of everything. After all, finicky Mr. Whiskers is far too fancy to tolerate any of that cut-rate catnip. Mr. Whiskers demands premium catnip, homemade cat treats, hand-knit cat toys, and unlimited behind-the-ear scratches. And because you love him, he gets all […]

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August 12, 2015
8 Tips for Bathing Your Cat (and Living to Tell the Tale)

Image credit: Michael Verdi So you need to bathe your cat. If images of horror films and the feeling of instant panic swept over you after reading that, you’re not alone. Bathing cats is a tricky business. They’re independent creatures, and taking a bath is not their idea of fun. However, there are steps you […]

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July 22, 2015
How can I ensure my cats are getting enough exercise?

It’s safe to say cats are finicky animals. They have a mind of their own, and they certainly don’t bother themselves with what it is you’d like them to do. Unlike dogs, they’re not going to jump at any chance to go on a walk or a run (or really do any organized activity, for […]

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