April 19, 2018
Josephine's Story: Retraining the Pet Owner

Josephine I met Josephine the cat when I was a senior in vet school, during my internal medicine rotation. Josephine’s owner was a clinical psychologist, and she brought her kitty to the vet school because no one had been able to figure out why Josephine weighed so much. She was looking for answers, to help heal her […]

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September 30, 2015
A Veterinarian’s Story: Why I Invented The Original CrockPET Diet

For most people, there must be a compelling reason to make a decision, take action, or create a change. Because The Original CrockPET Diet® is a staple in overall pet health and vitality, I’d like to share the reasoning behind the recipe’s existence. Whether it’s about a pet health regimen or a product I recommend, the […]

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