August 21, 2014

Team Empowerment Seminar

This seminar is about creating a veterinary practice where everyone loves to come to work!

Have you noticed that many of the ‘new’ initiatives designed to drive client compliance and increase pet owner visits are not new at all? Do you feel like there is more that you can offer to your patients, but not sure how to go about implementing a new paradigm in your practice? The old style of practice where we told our clients what was best for their pets and expected them to swallow those recommendations whole, is gone. Your clients are researching their pet’s conditions, often better than you are. How do you keep up with the enormous amount of information available? What is the best vaccine practice? What is the best wellness care practice?  How do you make your practice more profitable and more fun? What is the best preventive medicine? How do you radically change your patient’s quality of life?

In this seminar I will discuss:

•    Current recommendations for wellness care as supported by science.

•    How to educate yourself about conventional and complementary veterinary medicine.

•    How to educate your staff to educate your clients about the new modalities you will introduce.

•    Simple modalities you can introduce and execute efficiently and with excellence, without a large investment in time and education. 



Cheers to a Lifetime of Great Health!
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