The Basic Necessities of Proper Pet Care You Need To Know

A lifetime commitment to your four-legged friend demands your diligence, care, and love. Whether you are adopting a rescue dog or buying a new pet from the kennel, responsible pet owners start off their journey with proper pet care.

You should be on top of everything when it comes to pet care because the unconditional love and loyalty you attain from them outweigh your efforts.

Proper pet care is the basis of a smooth companionship with your furry friend. What your pet needs regularly? What should you do in certain circumstances? And how to provide your pet with a safe and secure environment? This guide will help you out;

A Nutritious Food

Proper nutritious food ensures a healthy lifestyle, so it should be on top of your proper pet care routine. Nutrition requirements of pets vary with pets’ age, breed, and weight, so you have to be careful while feeding your pet.

Similarly, there are some restrictions and forbidden fruits if your dog is having some health issues, just like humans. It is not a good idea to feed your dogs and cats with table scrap. Some common ingredients in human food, such as garlic, onion, salts, etc. are harmful to your pets’ health.

Go through the ingredient list while buying pet food from the store. Make sure the food has proteins at the top of the list. Just importantly, meal times and portion size must also be taken care of.

Do not overfeed your pet as a token of your love because it can potentially upset their stomach. Too many treats can trigger obesity and associated health implications. For instance, Aussiedoodle requires 3 cups of food in one day broken down into two meals, and if overeaten, this hybrid of two amazing breeds will likely develop diabetes.

Weigh your options when choosing the right food for your pet. If you find it difficult, then your vet can better guide you to cater to the dietary needs of your pet.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is extremely important for the physical and mental well-being of animals. Every animal loves to play and engage in different physical activities.

The last thing you would want is for your pet to get bored and end up scavenging the garbage or tearing up your sofa.

Puppies are super-active and can run out of your hands if their daily dose of physical activity isn’t delivered. Aussiedoodle puppies are one of those active breeds and must get regular exercise. Spare some time for your pets and indulge them in regular exercise.  

Food, water, and shelter, it isn’t enough. When you bring a pet home, it becomes a part of your life, so it is important to socialize and train them for getting them into the mainstream.

A stubborn, aggressive, and low-down animal won’t survive and get out of the play. Training a dog is an uphill battle, especially if it has an aggressive nature. Terrier owners would certainly know how difficult it is to handle an aggressive dog.

Socialization exposes your dog to different stimuli so they can get used to them. When they meet new people, witness new places, and play with other pets, they get calm and stay happy.

Enhance their social skills and widen their horizon by introducing them to new environments. If you think training is not your thing, hire a professional trainer to sort things out for you.

Access to Clean Drinking Water

This may sound obvious, but many pets could not find water when they need it the most. Ensure sustainable access to clean and safe drinking water for all pets in your care.

Place the water bowl adjacent to the food bowl and refill it two times at the minimum. Your pet can only be happy if he stays cool, healthy, and hydrated.

If you have aquatic animals, such as fish or turtles, then clean the aquarium once a week, otherwise, you’ll end up with a stinky tank and sick pets.

Safe and Spacious Shelter

Your furry friend loves you unconditionally, so it should be your utmost duty to provide them with a safe and secure home. Your cat must be afraid of cars, predators, or aggressive dogs, so it is best to keep them indoors. Cats love to reside in cozy beds where they feel safe and warm.

If your dog is off-leash, ensure the yard is fenced and he is tagged and microchipped. Microchip information must be updated with your contact details.

Provide a safe shelter and shade for your four-legged friend so they can better enjoy this life-long companionship. Provide young dogs with their own bed and if possible, get orthopedic beds for older ones.

Too cold or too hot weather is threatening for your pets, so keep them away from extreme climates. Predators are another concern outside, so do not expect them to reside exclusively outside.

Regular Vet Visits

No matter how much you take care of your pet, there are some things that only a vet can do. So do some research to find out the right vet for your pets.

Pet wellness checkups are vital at least once a year to ensure they are sound and healthy. Regular vet visits can let you know early if your pet is developing any disease. Stay up to date with vaccination and head straight to the vet if they show any kind of symptoms of a disease.  

Grooming is also an essential step of proper pet care. Dirty teeth and matted coats are potential culprits of many diseases in humans. Brushing, bath, tick removal, and nail trims must be practiced regularly. No matter how laid-back you are, your pet’s health shouldn’t be compromised.

To Sum Up

It is overwhelming to get a furry friend but you must be aware of the responsibilities that it entails. If you follow the proper pet care mentioned above, it will save you a loyal friend for a lifetime.

Proper nutrients rich diet, secure shelter, regular exercise, and ensuring basic hygiene; that’s all responsible pet owners should know. If you have still any queries, a professional veterinarian can better guide you.

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