The Original Crockpet Diet By Dr. Ruth Roberts

Want Your Dog to Stay Healthy, Live Longer, and Play More?

Prevent Disease and Extend Your Dog’s Life

Patented Pet Food Recipe Proven To Prevent Common Pet Diseases and Adds More “Healthy Years” To Your Best Friend’s Life (Veterinary Approved) 

Safe for puppies, kittens, adult cats, and dogs, including seniors! Recipes contain

 no harmful ingredients found in most off-the-shelf pet food (Real Food Only)

If you are one of thousands of pet parents who feed dry dog food, you need to read this. 

Why is it that we only think of our dog’s health when it has already been damaged?
It doesn’t make any sense!

 It breaks my heart when dog moms just like you are frantically searching for safe and effective ways to treat diabetes, thyroid disorders, liver disease, heart disease, tooth and gum issues, and cancer. 

This Easy To Make Home-Cooked Dog Food Is Proven To Prevent Disease and Extend Life 

Dr. Ruth Roberts with a Pet Cat | Dr. Ruth Roberts

How can I protect my pet from being sick?

dog food recalls | What's the best dog food

Pet food recalls happen all the time, and pet guardians are left wondering: “How can I protect my beloved friend from this?” 

Take control of what your dog is eating starting today, and learn how to prevent her from being affected by toxic food. 

Paying close attention to what our pets eat fuels their body with the right nutrients. This prevents disease and is step 1 in maintaining good health. 

Many studies conclude that chronic inflammation is likely the base cause of cancer and heart disease, and many other common conditions. Other health issues caused by inflammation may not be life-threatening but make life miserable for your pet. These conditions include dermatitis, otitis, osteoarthritis, and so many more.

Your Dog’s best health starts in the bowl.

-Dr. Ruth Roberts, DVM, CVA, CVH, CVFT, NAN, 

Would you serve a condemned beef meal to your family? Or rancid splatter fat from a deep-fat fryer into the children’s lunch? How about biscuits made from empty grain hulls swept from a factory floor?

Because that’s how the dog food industry treats our pets. 

The unpleasant truth is that feeding your dog processed dog food, whether dried, canned or in a pouch, may expose them to substances that can cause serious, even fatal, harm.

Even the high quality expensive brands create inflammation because of the way they are made, or the ingredients they contain.  

The only way to fully protect your dog or cat from dangerous or mysterious ingredients is to cook for them yourself.

Many of my clients had reported that when they switched from bagged or canned food to homemade dog food, their pet’s energy levels went up dramatically. Their pet’s pain levels were reduced, skin conditions were alleviated or healed, and chronic urinary issues were often managed and resolved. It even seemed that their pets were generally much happier, excited about eating and life itself.

Homemade dog food and cat food can resolve many health problems, especially when cooling ingredients are used in the recipe.

My Original CrockPet Diet Pet Chefs love the e-book, cooking videos, and recipes included with the course, but most of all, they love the weekly Q&A calls where they learn how to dial the diet in for their personal dog, not just the average golden retriever, Labrador, or Frenchie. 

They also love our active and vibrant Facebook community of like-minded pet parents who support each other and offer help in-between calls. 

Is Homemade Food Better for Dogs?

I realized that in order for our pets to meet their bodies’ nutritional demands, they needed real food. And thus, The Original CrockPet Diet was born. I believe that home-cooked dog food like The Original CrockPET Diet® truly reflects what our dogs and we have evolved to eat. We can often reverse the disease or slow its progression in advanced stages by feeding what the physiology needs.

The Original CrockPET Diet is not just cooking for your dog and cat, it is also a way to transform their health using the principles of a Traditional Chinese Herbal. The standard diet for dogs is made to put money in the pet food company’s pockets, NOT for the health of your dog. These foods create the issues most commonly seen by veterinarians; hot, blood-deficient pets. By applying the principles of Functional Medicine, The Original CrockPet Diet is heps prevent cancer and other chronic diseases.

Ensure your furry friend’s daily nutritional needs are met in a natural and clean manner, with the Original CrockPET Diet ® recipe, is the best way to enhance and maintain their wellbeing. What better incentive can there be to switch to homemade food than the benefit of nourishing them with the right food, in the right quantities?

At last, my desire to help and heal pets with the use of natural therapy is being achieved. The Original CrockPet Diet  as food therapy is making a massive difference for dogs and cats. 

It feels fantastic to finally be recommending safe and effective treatments that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I am advocating for our dogs the best way I knew how, with the comfort that the treatment would never be worse than the disease.

Imagine using my safest and most effective tool to support your Dog’s health – food, real food. You’ll know exactly what to do to make your dog food complete and balanced for all life stages, just like the bags of food, but with massive health benefits. 

Today, I am no longer a veterinarian confined in the four corners of her clinic. I chose to step out and share and practice what I know through online pet health coaching and The Original CrockPET Diet ™ recipe.

It is the perfect option, whether you’re looking for crockpot dog food for kidney disease or crockpot dog food recipes for other ailments or simply to maintain your pet’s health in the optimum condition.

So who am I? I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, Your Pet’s Ally. I have over 30 years of experience supporting dogs and cats with integrative medicine. That means I will use whatever treatment options available to help them feel better, overcome chronic disease, and prevent pain and suffering. I love working with dog mom that want to prevent disease. My favorite part of helping pet parents is watching the “aha” moment, when they realize this one simple change, cooking for the pets, has made more impact on their dog’’s health than all the vet visits they’ve ever had. 

The best part? When the pet parent realizes they had the power all along to make the best choices for their dog. Feeding real food based The Original CrockPet Diet has that much impact. 

Learn more about the history and science behind The Original CrockPet Diet, the foods that go into it, and how you can optimize each batch for your pet’s best health.

Throughout the e-book, cooking videos, Recipes nd our Weekly Q&A sessions, you’ll discover how a home-cooked diet helps prevent disease that impacts both pets and the humans who love them.

Dr. Ruth Roberts has supported thousands of dogs and cats to overcome health hurdles like kidney disease, GI Illness, allergies, cancer. Her natural approach to healing creates a gentle yet effective path for your pet to take on their journey to wellbeing. Dr. Ruth created The Original CrockPet Diet, a balanced home-cooked diet for pets, as the foundation of health.