TOCPD Weekly Q&A Round-up 03-15-21: Is raw dog food deficient in taurine?

iPet's Ally Q&A Round-Up 03-08-21

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1. Grain – free diets and the possible link to heart disease

One would freak out when reading a lot about grain – free diets being linked to diet related to cardiomyopathy, potential heart failure and death. What I’m going to tell you is that you should take a deep breath. You can go online and read all sorts of stuff and scare the bajibers out of yourself and keep yourself in a spun of condition.

The best that I can tell you about what caused the grain – free diet debacle was two things; one is that the macronutrient ratio wasn’t correct. It was still a diet that was way in excess of carbohydrates 65% to 75% carbohydrate of one type, and beans and legumes have anti – nutrients in them as does broccoli and other brassica species as well. If this is all you can eat, that’s all you can eat.

The Hopis ate beans and mostly corn because that’s what they can grow and that’s what they could travel with. That’s why those two foods are so common throughout South Central America because they’re easy to grow and they’re cheap to produce, and together, they create a complete protein that all the essential amino acids are in those two foods. So, what happened with our dogs, we fed this diet that had some protein, but it had a terrific amount of legumes present and not much else. Again, we must think our way through things.

2.Discovery of Neanderthal poop shows clues to human microbiome

In this study, a group of researchers found a trove of Neanderthal poop in which they were able to sequence the DNA of the microbiome of Neanderthals, and it was similar to modern humans. That means that Neanderthals weren’t eating only meats or lots of fat, they we’re eating vegetables, legumes, grains, and all sorts of stuff. So, we think of Neanderthals as hunter – gatherers but we kind of got lost in the hunter part and forgot about the gatherer part. It is physically expensive to hunt. The thing is if you’re really starving or you’re in a surplus of calories and you know that you need to store things up for winter, that’s when you go hunting and you dry the meat up and everything else because at that point, we ate everything. We ate the cartilage, we ate the skin, we ate the this and that, we ate the entire animal. I mean, this is where sausages came from, right? We cleaned out the intestines and stuffed them with stuff to preserve the content of the food and the intestine was a very convenient little pouch to store it in. All of this is right with a couple of exemptions.

Moreover, in this study it was contended that dogs evolved with us Homo Sapiens. So, Neanderthals are the progenitor species of Homo Sapiens just as the wolf canis lupus is the progenitor species to canis familiaris. There’s a debate about that and they keep going back and forth about whether there’s another species prior to canis lupus that’s actually the progenitor for the two and they split off. What I’m trying to say is that canis familiaris evolved with us Homo Sapiens and if Neanderthals already had the same microbiome that we have as modern-day humans, that means they were eating very close to what our current diet is.

3. Is your raw dog food deficient in taurine?

Unfortunately, most people when they try to educate, the way they can get out attention anymore is by scaring us and that’s not it. I mean, my mom and my mom’s mom knew that you didn’t store stuff in the freezer for more than 6 months because you’re going to see it get freezer burned and the quality of the food just diminished tremendously and you’re going to see a decline in all the nutrients so take a step back. So, what does that mean? Just tossing meat in the freezer and then using a supplement. Therefore, I keep saying use supplements to balance food because of the way it is stored. Before you even get the chance to buy it of the way, the soil has been depleted of nutrients and multiple issues. This is where we’ve got to make everything pass the smell test.

The other problem was that many of the dogs that had this problem were Golden Retrievers and unfortunately, Goldie’s just don’t do very well with other problems. This is where you really use your head and realize that people are trying to attract your attention by scaring you, take a deep breath and work your way through it. This is part of why when we reformulated Holistic Total Body Support that we just made it the same for cats and dogs. In doing that, we have an additional amount of taurine present in the supplement to balance the diet out, so that’s what I can tell you.

Anytime somebody shows you something sensational, take a deep breath and think if it really makes sense or if it’s true, and then do some research in the mainstream literature to see if this bears out to be truth or not. For instance, when there is more information out there showing that lots of red meat are related to more incidence of cancer and other things that we don’t want. Conversely, there’s a lot of evidence showing that a low methionine diet is good at slowing down cancer so take everything with a grain of salt.

We have a St. Patrick’s Day sale starting this day. Hanna’s got some emails coming out to you about that. Got a sale on all the Holistic Total Body Support and the curcumin product and a couple of other goodies that we’re going to have. That’s 10% off and then some other goodies are 15% off. That’s what I’ve got for you today. Take good care. Until next week. Remember, your pet’s best health starts in the bowl. I’m Dr. Ruth Roberts, your pet’s ally. Thanks!