August 24, 2016

Top 3 Pet Travel Safety Tips

As the summer draws to a close, you may try to slip in some final fun activities with your pet. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed those fun hiking adventures and trips to the lake.

But a road trip can end the summer season on a high note.

Many of you probably enjoy taking your four-legged friend along for the ride.

There’s nothing quite like traveling with your beloved dog or cat. But if you want to enjoy those road trip ramblings, you need to make sure you follow proper pet travel safety tips.

You want a trip filled with adventure, not mishaps. Here are three simple tips for protecting your pet from unexpected dangers along the way:

Travel with a Crate

It is important that you bring a crate for your pet when you travel. (Check out some of these travel crates on Amazon.)

Yes, that picture of a dog hanging its heads out a car window may be cute, but it’s dangerous.

While Fido is surveying the scenery, he may get a piece of debris stuck in his eye. And if you’re a cat owner, you know the horror stories of cats running rings in a car.

The safest option is to place your cat or dog in a hard plastic travel crate.

A crate also protects your dog from injuries.

If you suddenly slam on the breaks, you may send your precious pooch flying through the windshield.

Or one of your heavy suitcases may come out of place and injure your frail feline. A crate is the safest way all the way around.

Prepare Your Pet’s Meals

In the rush of packing, it can be easy to throw together your belongings without much thought. But don’t forget to plan for your pet!

He or she doesn’t have some of the luxuries of humans.

For instance, your cat can’t just take a quick drink at a water fountain. She’ll need a bowl provided by you.

And if your pet is eating The Original CrockPET Diet®, you’ll need to do some planning.

Travel can be a temptation to pack some store-bought dry pet food. But with a little effort, you can still ensure your pet eats healthy.

Just take a cooler with some ice for your pet’s homemade meals. And be sure to pack an extra serving in case your trip takes longer than expected.

Take Adequate Precautions

Don’t forget—never leave your pet alone in the car without proper ventilation.

With the searing summer temperatures, it’s important that your pet is protected from dehydration and overheating.
You may even want to get your pet microchipped before your trip.

Check out this helpful FAQ page to learn more about microchipping. If you don’t microchip your pet, make sure you bring along your furry friend’s collar and name tag. The last thing you want is to be in an unfamiliar area and have your pet run off!

While these pet travel safety tips will help you protect your pet on the road, take protection a step further. Protect your dogs and cats’ health by feeding them The Original CrockPET Diet®!



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