Tui-na Massage for Pets: Powerful Healing

Dr. Ruth Tui-Na

Dr. Ruth Tui-Na
 massage is a type of bodywork rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It promotes healthy blood flow, soothes joints and muscles, and even blances the function of the body’s vital organs by applying pressure to specific points and channels throughout your pet’s body. It can help reduce pain and improve function and mobility in painful or arthritic dogs and cats.

Using various massaging techniques implemented with Tui-na, you can help your pet heal and feel great right at home. Tui-na has even been proven to treat and prevent many diseases.

Watch the video below, as I demonstrate some of my favorite, simple Tui-na techniques. Try it out with your pet(s) at home. No doubt, you’ll have one happy and very relaxed furball when you’re through.

Dr. Ruth Roberts Demonstrated Tui-na

If you’d like to know more about using Tui-na techniques specifically adapted for your pet, remember that I’m now offering Health Coaching Consultations. I’d be happy to tell you more about specific points and techniques you can use, to help your pet overcome any medical issues they are experiencing.

As always, remember: Your Pet’s Best Health Begins in the Bowl!

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