Vaccine & Heartworm Detox Protocol

Vaccine & Heartworm Prevention Detox Protocol

Prevent Vaccine Reaction, and Help the liver flush out the Heartworm prevention

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When your pet has multiple or complicated health problems and conventional treatment is not working please know that there are other options.  My approach as a 30+ plus year integrated medicine veterinarian brings together all the treatments that are available today to help your pet.  The treatment plan may include any or a blend of the following: targeted nutritional healing, Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, acupuncture, laser, holistic, chiropractic and stem cell therapies.  Having owned an integrated clinic for many years I provided all these services under one roof. Unfortunately it is not easy in finding a clinic that can provide all of these treatments and services. Through my consultations I can help you and your primary veterinarian bring together the best plan for healing your pet.  

If You're Not Cooking, Start

Are you tired of worrying your pet will be left holding the bag during the next pet food recall? The Foundation of health is a healthy whole foods diet, not Highly processed chicken and corn. If you haven”t started home-cooking for your pet, The Original CrockPet Diet is the safest, healthiest and easiest diet for dogs and cats to make at home. The Original CrockPet Diet  is also complete and balanced for all life stages according to AAFCO standards. 

Keto Options are available to help feed your pet, not the cancer cells. Whole foods improveGut function as well as liver and Immune system, Slowing the growth of cancer cells. Check out My Blog about the Keto Diet Here. 

I believe Minimal vaccination is an important part of pet health, and it is important to help prevent potential vaccine reactions. I’ve done many videos on vaccines, and what I recommend. Check out the video on my latest thoughts. Protecting your pet from vaccine reactions is simple if you have Thuja on hand. 

Likewise, heartworm prevention prevents many dog deaths every year, but be sensible about what your pet’s exposure risk is. If you need prevention, use the simplest oral medication with the least number of ingredients, Like heartgard or it’s generics. Helping the liver clean out prevents many of the side effects, and supports your pet’s liver. 

Thuja is used by homeopathy as a master detoxifier. Here, I recommend using the mother tincture to prevent vaccine reactions. Shake Well. Give 1 drop per 10 pounds of body weight 2 times daily for 5 days after vaccinations.

Milk thistle supports detoxification in the liver via one of the main pathways, but differs from the pathway Glutathione support. Start Milk thistle 24 hours after the dose of heartworm prevention has been given, to allow the medication to be most efficacious. After 24 hours, it has done it’s job, and Milk thistle helps it clear out of the body. 

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Your Pet's Ally Will Coach You

Holistic Wellness Program: Advanced Care is for people with multiple pets, or pets who have multiple or complex health problems and need ongoing support. If your pet has complicated health problems, conventional treatment may only take you to a road block. The options offered to your pet may have been ineffective, costly, or come with a string of unwanted side-effects, and you’re likely looking for another road to take to help them. If you are ready to improve your pet’s health, but are frustrated with the limited or adverse options being offered, then this Holistic Pet Health Coaching Package is for you and your pet.