February 17, 2016

DIY Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Many pet owners get the wrong idea about Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine.

Images of frou-frou retreats and sweat lodges pop into people’s heads; however, these older medicinal practices are rooted in simple techniques that get to the core of health issues in dogs and cats.

When pet owners come into my office, they always want to know what they can do to improve their pet’s health at home. Oftentimes, I point my patients in the direction of DIY Chinese Medicine.

The technique I’m going to show you in this blog is as easy as petting your dog or cat. It’s called Tui Na Massage, and it helps your dog or cat to relax and reduce pain.

For arthritic dogs and cats, Tui Na Massage improves mobility and decreases pain caused by movement.

Watch this video to find out how to perform Tui Na Massage at home.


1. Rub your hands up and down your dog’s or cat’s spine. Remember that the spine goes all the way to the base of the tail. Yes, your pet will enjoy this quite a bit.

2. Use the rolling technique. Starting at the base of the tail, gently take a pinch of skin between your fingers, and roll it forward toward the neck. If your dog or cat reacts poorly, he or she is guiding you toward his or her comfort level.

3. Start the palpation technique. I do this with my patients to look for points of discomfort. To do this at home, use your hands to apply slight pressure on either side of the spine.

Note: you may want to watch the video above a few times, so that you see my exact movements. At any point, if your dog or cat looks at you funny, it’s best to assess the situation and come at Tu Nai from a gentler vantage point.

If your cat or dog is arthritic…

Arthritis is common in dogs and cats, especially as they age. As you watch your beloved best friend struggle to make it up the staircase, or if your pet yelps for no reason, it’s a truly heartbreaking experience.
Luckily, you can help.

Tui Na Massage is a great place to start; however, you can also help improve your pet’s mobility and decrease pain through a healthful diet rich in natural nutrients and supplemental additives.

As a veterinarian and animal advocate, I swear by home cooking for pets—a stance which attracts a few questionable looks.

Because I believe so strongly that home-cooked meals that bypass unsafe materials found in dog food will transform your pet’s health (arthritis included), I’ve made it simple to prepare pet food.

The Original CrockPET Diet® allows you to drop ingredients into a slow cooker and walk away. To me, it’s not so much the convenience that matters, as it is the trans-formative health benefits.

From a healthier coat to fighting arthritis, The Original CrockPET Diet® helps you add happy years to your pet’s life.



Cheers to a Lifetime of Great Health!
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