February 3, 2020

What makes my pet so Itchy?

Dr. Ruth will talk about the most common reasons pets are itchy. Learn how to use food sensitivity testing to determine what the real problem is.

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Allergy Season is starting up & now is the time to talk about skin issues and why your pet is so itchy. Dr. Ruth will discuss simple things you can do at home to reduce your pet’s itching & licking and Supplements that improve your pet allergies The best supplements to combat itchiness

Know the the role your pet’s gut Plays in allergies.

So, healing a leaky gut syndrome is really important for pets allergies. Things like fish oil, omega−3 fatty acids and high doses of them. And this are included in the Allergy Support Protocol, as well as high dose probiotics are important. 

Try to figure out what your pet’s been eating for the last six months and feeding something different. Then rotating it every 24 hours and that’s called a rotation and elimination diet.

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