What would you sacrifice to be able to offer your best friend healthier pet food?

Beagle EatingMost people know that what their pet eats directly influences their overall health. The food that goes into your pet’s body can be the best building blocks and medicine. Or it can make them feel crummy.

In the past few years, growing trends show that people really care about how healthy their pet’s food is. Not only do we want real ingredients (chicken instead of “chicken meal,” for example), but we want ingredients that are going to promote better health in our pets. We want healthier pet food.

Many pet owners look for the same quality in their pet’s food as they expect in their own. Organic and non-GMO foods are on the radar now, more than ever.

Happily, some available pet foods are changing with the rise of caring pet parents. “Real food” ingredients are finally making their way to the top, but the progress is still slow, and many truly healthy options can be pricey.
Most pet parents are willing to jump through hoops or make sacrifices to provide healthier pet food for their four-leggers. Giving up indulgences, like chocolate or Netflix, is a real solution for those on tighter budgets. The hallmark of a truly dedicated pet owner!

The good news is, The Original CrockPET Diet doesn’t require any sacrifices for your pet’s best health (rest assured, your chocolate is safe). In fact, there are many ways TOCPD can actually simplify healthy eating for your pet. Getting healthier pet food can be done without breaking your back, or the bank.

(Don’t) shop til you drop

Produce SectionShopping for CrockPET ingredients is a breeze. You can use the same ingredients you might already buy for the rest of your family, all from the grocery store or farmers’ market. Quality proteins, vegetables and fruits are good for any body – two and four legged varieties alike. By selecting ingredients yourself, you can also be sure your pet is safe from GMOs and processed foods.

Even getting your pet’s multivitamin and other vital supplements can be seamless (I’m talking delivered-to-your-doorstep kind of easy) when you subscribe to The Original CrockPET Diet.

You can’t buy time – and you won’t need to

Forget the endless hours researching and comparing “healthy” pet foods. With TOCPD, there is no label-reading. We all know that pet food labels can be daunting. They also don’t fully disclose every detail, as they are not held to the same legal standards human foods are. Where exactly did that beef come from?

And never discount the beauty of a good crockpot recipe: you simply load the ingredients up, and go about your business. The CrockPET recipe takes only moments to prepare, and your crockpot does the rest.

Stop playing guessing games with nutrition

When your pet’s food comes out of a bag, there is no true way to be sure Fido is getting all of the nutrients he needs to nourish his body. The nutrition of most commercial foods is evaluated before the cooking process. Once the kibble is baked, it often loses lots of nutritional value. The CrockPET recipe can guarantee your pet abundant vitamins and minerals, as well as proper calcium and protein content (even for pets with kidney disease or other conditions).

Better ingredients mean a happier pet

Dog Catching BallFewer people are concerned about indulging their pet’s palates than keeping them healthy. While every pup or kitty deserves a treat now and again, the flavor of their meal is seldom a high priority (health is taking a front seat these days). Luckily for your pet, they get the best of both worlds with TOCPD. Dogs and cats alike love their home-cooked meals. Even reluctant or picky eaters can be found chowing down at the food bowl.

Better still, the healthful and nourishing foods that make up TOCPD will leave your pet feeling their very best. Gut problems diminish, and inflammatory diseases and conditions become a thing of the past. So get ready to put the leash or tennis ball to more use.

It is never too late to help your pet be their best self, and with The Original CrockPET Diet, it’s never been easier. You don’t need to give up an occasional indulgence to provide healthier pet food (but we applaud your willingness to do so – you rock!). So forget the endless comparison game, and ditch the bag. Both you and your four-legged friend will feel better when you know what’s in their bowl!

Recommended for your pets after every vaccine

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This one-of-a-kind certification experience is the ONLY certification program for coaching pet parents of dogs and cats using the Dr. Ruth Roberts Integrative Method combining lifestyle changes, supplements, at-home testing, pain relief treatments, and The Original CrockPet Diet, the safest, sustainable, and most adaptable nutrition program for dogs and cats.


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