November 18, 2015

Why Cat Ladies are the New “It Girl”

Cat ladies may have caught a bad rap in the past, but that’s quickly changing.
In fact, cat ladies are rapidly becoming the new “it girl.”

Urban Dictionary describes a cat lady as:
“An old woman who usually lives secluded from society with her hundreds of cats. Because she is forced to use all of her social security money on her cats, she eats only cat food and drinks only milk. She usually feels the need to name every single one of her cats with funny names and possesses the uncanny ability to recognize which cat is which no matter how similar they may look to one another.”

Well, Urban Dictionary, that definition might need some rewording soon, because cat ladies are making a new name for themselves.

Here are 4 reasons why we all need to rethink how we see cat ladies.

Celebrities are all about cats.

Trends are often inspired by pop culture. Celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, show no shame in their love for their feline furry friends. Taylor Swift’s cat, Olivia (named after Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU), is becoming a celebrity of her own on social media—especially when she met her namesake in person!

Cat-inspired looks are in.

Cat ears are now 100% acceptable to wear in public, thanks to Katy Perry sporting them on many occasions. Katy Perry is so obsessed with cats that she even calls her fans “Katycats.” The trend didn’t stop there—Ariana Grande rocks a few pairs of cat ears of her own.

Cat videos are a pastime.

With the dawn of YouTube came a million adorably cute cat videos. The onslaught of cat videos has taken away many productive work hours—but cats are just so stinking cute!
Check out some of our favorites here.

Cats are amazing pets!

Sure cats can be independent, finicky creatures, but they are also amazing pets! Especially for busy people, cats require less energy and time commitment.
Since cats don’t like car rides, this sometimes may steer people away from cat caregiving. However, Feliway® pheromones can help reduce your feline friend’s stress and anxiety for the occasional trip to the vet.

Are you a cool cat lady?

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