What is the Holistic Pet Health Coach Certification Program?

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This pet health coaching course is designed for individuals who are not in the medical field but are pet parents or part of the pet care industry, aiming to enhance the services they provide to their clients. The curriculum covers various aspects, including the science of pet health and illness, utilizing Dr. Ruth's extensive 30+ years of knowledge, effectively collaborating with pet parents for enduring results, and establishing a business that benefits both you and your clients.

The program is organized into weekly topics, offering expertise in:

  • Utilizing food for nutrition
  • Creating supplement plans for specific health challenges
  • Asking insightful questions to address chronic concerns
  • Developing deep listening skills with clients
  • Establishing a business as a health coach
  • Setting up a coaching practice

Each week involves over three hours of video lessons, accompanying handouts, live coaching calls, participation in a private community with support from Dr. Ruth and her team, practice sessions with fellow students including mentoring, and weekly assignments to demonstrate your knowledge. The final exam consists of practice sessions with real clients.

Upon certification as a Holistic Pet Health Coach, you gain the skills to:

  • Conduct one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Facilitate group coaching programs for various pet life stages
  • Conduct group cooking classes featuring The Original CrockPet Diet
  • Sell specialized pet food based on The Original CrockPet Diet
  • Run an Ecom supplement business
  • Create and manage online coaching programs
  • Host workshops and become a public speaker
  • Act as an expert for media and television
  • Support local veterinary practices
  • Host podcasts, YouTube channels, or other media
  • Become an influencer
  • Initiate impactful programs in your community

If you are ready to take the lead in promoting positive change on the front lines of pet health and wellness, all while enhancing your self-esteem, lifestyle, and contributing to the planet, then this course is the ideal opportunity for you. Upon completion of the Holistic Pet Health Coach program, you will possess the knowledge and confidence to work effectively with clients and their pets, build a successful business, and, most importantly, make a meaningful impact.

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