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Join us for a series of weekly events with Dr. Ruth Roberts, alongside holistic pet health coaches and other experts in the field. Don’t miss the chance to learn, grow, and connect with like-minded individuals dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of pets.

Adopt, Don't Shop: Unveiling the Joy of Rescue Pets

Join us for a heartwarming talk on Adopt, Don't Shop: Unveiling the Joy of Rescue Pets!Learn from Rina Gressett, CHPHC, a passionate pet advocate with years of experience in animal rescue and care. Find out why adoption is the compassionate choice as you explore how rescue pets can enrich your life. Gain valuable tips for successful pet adoption and be inspired by heartwarming stories of rescued animals.

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From conferences to panels, join Dr. Ruth Roberts at insightful events where you can gain valuable insights and connect with others

Unleash the Extraordinary: Join the Ultimate Doglympics Virtual Challenge!

Hey there, fellow dog lover! Get ready for an incredible adventure with your furry friend in the Ultimate Doglympics Virtual Challenge, endorsed by Dr. Ruth Roberts! Doglympics 2024 features fun challenges in Stamina, Strength, Balance, Coordination, and Flexibility, perfect for all fitness levels. Strengthen your bond, enhance your dog’s wellness, and celebrate their unique strengths.

Plus, $5 from each $27.99 signup supports Lionel's Legacy senior dog rescue.

Join the Doglympics Challenge
  • Win 2 Tickets to Feed Real Summit in San Diego! 🎉

    Hey Pet Parents!

    Have a success story about switching to holistic practices and Dr. Ruth's CrockPet Diet? Share it and you could win 2 tickets to the Feed Real Summit in San Diego on October 5 & 6, 2024! That's a $400 value!

    📍Location: The Alexandria at Torrey Pines 10996 Torreyana Rd Ste 240San Diego, CA 92121


Share your video story in our Circle community by posting a video detailing your journey into holistic practices and the CrockPet Diet. Ensure your video is clear with good video and audio quality, includes your pet, and features you discussing your firsthand experience with the diet. Don't forget to use hashtag #feedrealsummit #feedCrockPetdiet upon posting.


Your video story should include key elements: the turning point that prompted your shift to holistic practices, whether due to a pet health issue or a lack of reliable resources; how you discovered Dr. Ruth's CrockPet Diet; your reasons for switching to a home-cooked diet through CrockPet; and notable improvements in your pet's health since adopting this diet.


By sharing your journey, you could win 2 FRS tickets valued at $400 for a relaxing weekend getaway in San Diego. Additionally, your story has the power to inspire fellow pet parents on their own holistic health paths. Engage in community fun as you connect with like-minded pet lovers and esteemed leaders such as Rodney Habib, Conor Brady, Angela Ardolino, Judy Morgan, Dr. Ruth Roberts, and many other notable speakers and panelists lined up for the event.


The judging criteria for the video story contest are designed to highlight various aspects of your submission. Your story will be evaluated based on authenticity, accounting for 25% of the score, which values genuine and heartfelt narratives. Creativity in presentation, making it fun and engaging, also counts for 25%. High-quality production, including clear video and audio, contributes another 25%. Finally, your engagement with other members' posts will make up the remaining 25%.