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Dr. Ruth Roberts


Dr. Ruth has supported hundreds of dogs and cats to heal and overcome health hurdles like chronic kidney disease, GI Illness, allergies, cancer and much more. 

Her natural approach to healing creates a gentle yet effective path for your pet to take on their journey to wellbeing. Working hand-in-hand with your family vet, Dr. Ruth will coach you to get the answers, diagnostics and results your pet needs. 

You’ll no longer need to worry whether your pet is getting the best treatment, because Your Pet’s Ally will explore every available option, and mentor you in choosing the perfect solution for your furry friend.

Does your Furbaby suffers from one of these conditions?


Kidney Disease


GI Issues




Ear Infections


Auto-Immune Disease






Other Health Challenges

Dr. Ruth's has a made a specialized health map to keep you well-informed of your pets' overall health condition.

Holistic Wellness Package: Healthy Pet Starter
This plan is for pets that are healthy, for pet parents that want them to stay that way.
Holistic Wellness Package: Optimal Health
This plan is for Pets Who Have Health Issues & Need a Detailed Plan to Turn the Tide.
Holistic Wellness Package: Advanced Care
This is for pets who have multiple or complex health problems and need ongoing support.

The customized treatment plan that Dr. Ruth will create for your pet will include only therapies that will support them in healing faster and dramatically improve their quality of life, without harsh medications or unnecessary and pricey treatments.

Dr. Ruth is Your Pet’s Ally and is also an ally to you, the pet parent.

Her experience and insider’s knowledge of the veterinary industry will save you money on your pet’s healthcare, avoiding unnecessary suffering, treatments and tests, enabling you to focus on providing the care they truly need and reduce stress all around.

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Free Holistic Pet Wellness Membership


Pet Health Holistic Protocols

I’ve designed these protocols to help you keep your pet healthy, and to tackle the vast majority of challenges our pets face today.

Pet Health Holistic Resources

Learn the basic techniques of Tui Na (massage techniques) and passive stretching for Dogs, and an access to the fundamentals of Holistic Treatment of Kidney Diseases…

It's now time to set your pet up for a lifetime of great health and wellness, Get access to holistic pet health advice,exclusive discounts & more!

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