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Otaxium Bottle 30 ml with Syringe, Dosage Information and Guide

Amber Naturalz

Otaxium Drops – Ear Care Solution for Pet

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Keep your pet's ears clean and healthy with Otaxium Drops by Amber Naturalz. This natural ear care solution formulated with a unique blend of herbs and natural ingredients to maintain a clean and balanced ear environment, while also soothing irritation and discomfort.

Otaxium Drops are free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, making it a safe and gentle choice for your pet. Whether your pet is prone to ear infections or just needs regular ear maintenance, Otaxium Drops can help keep your pet's ears clean and comfortable.


  • Support normal daily function of the ear
  • Maintain a healthy eardrum and outer lining of the ear

Active Ingredients per ml

  • A blend of Onion, Garlic, Yarrow, Yucca Root,

Vitamin E Oil, White willow Bark, and Mullein Leaf.  133 mg

Inactive Ingredients

  • ·Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The number of actual drops can vary

  • To use, simply apply a few drops to your pet's ears 2 times daily for 7 to 10 consecutive days or until desired results are achieved.
  • If you apply it using the syringe, drop the oil into the ear canal, gently massage the outer ear, and remove any excess product with a cotton ball. Avoid inserting the syringe directly into the ear.

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