“My life mission to help animals began when I was very young. My family pets meant the world to me, and I always felt such a strong connection to them, that it is almost seemed as though a life spent helping animals was my destined path.”

My life’s work as an integrative veterinarian and holistic health coach for pets has been one wrought with tales of triumph, tragedy, and tail wagging. But like most veterinarians, my journey began with the love I developed for my childhood pets. Just like that, it almost seemed as though I was destined to spend my life to help and be a friend to animals.

While in veterinary school, it became apparent to me that my role as a veterinarian went well beyond checkups and surgeries. I realized that I was more than a doctor to our furry friends, I am their friend and advocate. I am the one who they count on when they feel hurt or uncomfortable and they cannot speak for themselves. I am the one who can help them heal when all the conventional solutions offered to their owners to ease their pain have been exhausted. I am their ally.

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Unfortunately, my textbook knowledge and many years spent practicing traditional Western veterinary medicine only took me so far, until I was hurled into a whirlwind of sickness, learning, healing and ultimate change.

I began pursuing acupuncture and Eastern Veterinary Medicine at the Chi Institute in Florida which opened up many new avenues for me. But most importantly, it revealed the healing powers of acupuncture, as well as herbal and food therapy.

More than ever, the importance of diet became abundantly clear to me. Why is it that we only think of our health when it has already been damaged? It doesn’t make any sense!

Paying close attention to what our pets eat, to what fuels their body, is the first step in preventative care and maintaining good health. Once I realized this in entirety, I was horrified by the food I’d been feeding my own pets and recommending to my clients. Food from the bag or can is just not enough to keep our pets healthy at every stage of their life.

“My job has always been to do what is best for my patients, to do what is right – no matter what”

Dr. Ruth Roberts

I realized that in order for our pets to meet their bodies’ nutritional demands, they needed real food. And thus, The Original CrockPet Diet was born.

At last, my desire to help and heal pets with the use of natural therapy was being achieved. Soon enough, acupuncture, herbal therapy, and food therapy became my preferred treatments and recommendations. However, I continue to rely on Western Medicine when our pets are inflicted with illnesses and infections that can’t be simply eliminated with herbs and oils.

It felt fantastic to finally be recommending safe and effective treatments that do not cost an arm and a leg. I was advocating for our pets the best way I knew how, with a comfort that the treatment would never be worse than the disease.

Integrative veterinary medicine gave me the chance to become not only an advocate for pets, but an ally. I am a veterinarian with a tool belt full of holistic know-how, I am equiped with options that are both effective and kind.

Today, I am no longer a veterinarian confined in the four corners of her clinic. I chose to step out and share and practice what I know through online pet health coaching and The Original CrockPET Diet ™ recipe. It can be the perfect option, whether you’re looking for crockpot dog food for kidney disease or crockpot dog food recipes for other ailments or simply to maintain your pet’s health in the optimum condition.

Is Homemade Food Better for Dogs?

There’s no doubt that ready or store-bought dog food is super convenient and easy. All you have to do is pour in a fixed amount in your pet’s bowl. But what about nutrition? It may have unhealthy contents or may have too much of one ingredient. Many dog food manufacturers are vague about the ingredients of their packaged food.

On the other hand, when it comes to the Original CrockPET Diet recipe, the best part is that you can feed your dog a balanced meal comprising all food groups. And you can add trusted ingredients offering wholesome goodness to your beloved pooch. Homemade pet food will not only rank higher on the nutrition quotient but will also be free of additives and other harmful substances that are an inevitable part of ready pet food.

Furthermore if your dog has an allergy or sensitivity to any type of food, it makes sense to feed them homemade food. Pre-packaged food may contain ingredients that trigger an allergic reaction. Besides, even if the product itself is free of the allergen, it may be produced in a facility that processes the ingredient your dog is intolerant to.

Ensuring your furry friend’s daily nutritional needs are met in a natural and clean manner, with the Original CrockPET Diet ® recipe, is the best way to enhance and maintain their wellbeing. What better incentive can there be to switch to homemade food than the benefit of nourishing them with the right food, in the right quantities?

While I wish I could meet you and your pet in person, I do rely greatly on the help of your regular vet! Their examinations and diagnostics are powerful tools in driving our online veterinary consultations to success. While your vet is there to help manage acute medical issues (and provide regular checkups, which are necessary), I am here to help your pets avoid them and/or recover with holistic veterinary medicine.

The Health Map that I can provide for your pet after consultation is the best home tool I can give you for your pet’s healthy, holistic lifestyle. Join me (link to consult collection), and the hundreds of happy pet parents who have already committed to giving their pets the best life possible.

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