Spay Neuter Syndrome: Live Insights with Viva Raw Pets' Zach Ao

Spay Neuter Syndrome: Live Insights with Viva Raw Pets' Zach Ao

Join us for a groundbreaking discussion as we delve into the important, yet often overlooked, topic of Spay Neuter Syndrome (SNS). Alongside Zach Ao, Co-founder of Viva Raw Pets, this live session aims to provide pet owners with critical insights into this aspect of pet health. Drawing on findings from the latest Mars Petcare Study, we will offer valuable guidance for optimal pet care practices.

The Impact of Fresh Food on Pet Health

In addition to exploring SNS, our conversation will cover the significant benefits of fresh food for pets. Learn about the advantages and considerations of incorporating fresh, wholesome nutrition into your pet’s diet. This segment promises to enlighten pet owners on how to enhance their pets’ health and well-being through better nutrition.

About Viva Raw Pets

Learn more about Viva Raw Pets, founded by Zach and Jenn and inspired by their dog Karoo's experience with traditional pet diets. They set out to create high-quality, transparent pet food made from human-grade ingredients. Learn about their commitment to small-batch production, strict safety standards, and providing nutritious meals that resemble homemade cooking, all aimed at improving pet wellness.

Event Details

🗓️ Date: March 14, 2024

🕛 Time: 4:45 pm ET

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Discussion Topics Overview

  • Insights from Mars Petcare Study: Gain invaluable insights into pet care and health, tailored for our audience's interests.

  • Understanding Spay Neuter Syndrome: A critical discussion on the implications of SNS and what pet owners need to know.

  • The Benefits of Fresh Food: Discover how fresh, quality nutrition can make a difference in your pet’s health and well-being.

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