Japanese Energy Healing: Reiki For Dogs and Cats

Japanese Energy Healing: Reiki For Dogs and Cats

The ancient and universal concept that energy surrounds and permeates everything is deeply rooted in various cultures. For example, the Hopi tribe believed in connecting with the Great Spirit through the crown of their heads. This belief highlights a fundamental truth: we all have the ability to channel energy from the universe for healing and balancing purposes, a practice that extends not just to ourselves but to our pets as well. Japanese energy healing, specifically Reiki, is a serene and powerful tool grounded in these ancient traditions. It offers a non-invasive method to improve the well-being of our furry friends. In this blog, we will explore the essence of Reiki and its benefits for dogs and cats, and ways to integrate it into your pet's life.

What is Japanese Energy Healing?

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Japanese energy healing, often associated with practices like Reiki, is based on the belief that a life force energy flows through all living beings. This energy, known as 'Ki' in Japanese, is vital for maintaining a balance in the body's physical and emotional health. When this energy is low or blocked, it can lead to illness or stress. Energy healing aims to align and invigorate this life force, promoting healing and relaxation. Some other benefit of energy healing for pet are:

  1. Stress Reduction: Just like humans, pets experience stress, which can manifest in various behavioral issues. Energy healing helps in calming their nerves, leading to a more relaxed and peaceful demeanor.
  2. Pain Management: It's beneficial for pets suffering from chronic pain or recovering from surgery, as it aids in natural pain relief and accelerates healing.
  3. Emotional Healing: Animals that have experienced trauma or anxiety can find solace in energy healing. It provides emotional support, helping them to overcome past negative experiences.
  4. Strengthening the Bond: Engaging in energy healing sessions with your pet can deepen your emotional connection, fostering a stronger bond of trust and understanding.
  5. Behavioral Issues: Energy techniques can be transformative in addressing behavioral issues in pets. By focusing on specific chakras and maintaining a calm demeanor, pet owners can help soothe and settle their pets, even in challenging situations.

Basic Reiki for Pets

Reiki can be particularly effective for pets. This technique involves acknowledging the omnipresent light and energy, focusing on the pineal gland – considered a master gland in directing hormones – and channeling this energy through various chakras (energy centers) in the body.

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  • Crown Chakra: Focus on the top of the pet’s head, channeling universal energy for spiritual connection.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Enhance intuition and perceptiveness, both in pets and pet owners, fostering a deeper understanding.
  • Throat Chakra: Clear communication pathways to improve the interaction between pets and owners.
  • Heart Chakra: Emphasize emotional well-being and empathy to strengthen the bond.
  • Root Chakra: Located at the base of the spine, focusing on this chakra helps in grounding and stabilizing your pet. It is particularly beneficial for pets that are anxious or fearful, as it helps in instilling a sense of security and trust in their environment.

When practicing these techniques, it's essential to observe your pet's reactions. Signs like relaxation, yawning, or licking can indicate the effective flow of energy, creating a sense of ease and comfort.

Energy Healing for Pets: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Preparation and Centering: Start by grounding yourself and acknowledging the light and energy that surrounds us. This involves mentally focusing on the energy above your head and bringing it into your awareness.
  2. Activating the Pineal Gland: Visualize this energy entering your body through the crown of your head and descending into the pineal gland, located in the center of your brain. Imagine this gland being filled with light and energy.
  3. Projecting the Energy: Once the pineal gland is energized, project this energy outward from your third eye area (forehead). This step is believed to enhance intuition and perceptiveness.
  4. Engaging the Chakras: Continue moving the energy downwards to your throat chakra, clearing it for truthful expression, and then to your heart chakra. Imagine filling your heart with light and love.
  5. Energy Circulation: Sit with your hands opposite each other and visualize taking the light from your heart, moving it down your right hand, transferring it to your left hand, and then back up to your heart. This creates a circular flow of energy.
  6. Applying the Technique to Your Pet: Place one hand (right hand) gently on or above your pet’s head and the other hand (left hand) near their bottom. The idea is to circulate light or energy through your pet’s body, moving from the crown chakra down to the root chakra. As you do this, imagine picking up any stagnant or unhelpful energy from your pet's body and transforming it into positive energy.
  7. Transforming Negative Energy: Envision your left hand as a sieve or filter that transmutes any dark or negative energy into nothingness, purifying it before it re-enters your body.
  8. Observation: Watch your pet’s response during the session. Signs of relaxation or subtle changes in behavior indicate the effectiveness of the energy flow.
  9. Conclusion of the Session: Keep circulating the energy until you feel the process is complete or your pet indicates they are done, possibly by moving away.
  10. Practice and Intuition Development: Regularly practice this technique on yourself first to get a good feel for the energy flow. Incorporating meditation practices can aid in calming your mind and enhancing the energy flow.


Japanese energy healing, especially Reiki, provides a special and kind way to boost the health of our dogs and cats. By using this old technique, pet owners can really help their pets' physical, emotional, and behavior issues in a gentle, natural way. Reiki has lots of benefits, like easing stress, managing pain, helping with emotional issues, and making the bond with your pet even stronger. It's a versatile and effective approach.

In this blog, we've looked at how Reiki works for pets, involving different energy points or chakras from their head to their tail. Each of these points is important for their overall health. Doing Reiki with your pet is pretty straightforward but it does need you to be patient, intuitive, and really connected with your pet. Watching how your pet reacts during Reiki not only helps with the healing but also brings you closer together. However, it's important to remember that while Reiki is an excellent method for maintaining your pet's wellness, it should not replace routine veterinary care. As our understanding of the benefits of Japanese energy healing for pets continues to grow, we are discovering innovative methods to enhance their well-being and happiness.

For further insights into energy healing and Reiki, consider scheduling a consultation with our Pet Health Coach, Melissa Sherman, who is also a skilled Reiki Master and Energy Healer.