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Inflammation & Immunity - At home Inflammation Test for Dogs and Cats

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At Home Inflammation Test?

Yes! You can actually check for inflammation using a small sample of your pet's poop. It's called a fecal Calprotectin test and it looks for a protein called Calprotectin in the stool. If the levels are high, it might mean there's inflammation in their intestines, which could be a sign of conditions like inflammatory bowel disease or other tummy problems.

Have you noticed your pet having issues like diarrhea, constipation, throwing up, or dealing with parasites? These could be signs of something going on in their tummy. It's like when you get a cut and it gets red or swollen. Inside their intestines, it's a similar story. Their immune system is working hard to keep them healthy.

The good news is, you can do something about it!  Inflammation and Immunity Test Kit from Innovative Pet Lab is made to find out if there's inflammation, so you know what to do next. It could mean a change in their food, adding a new supplement, or in more serious cases, using special medicine.

Ready to take charge of your pet's health? Get your Inflammation and Immunity Test Kit today!


  • While the kit does not have an expiration date, all kits must be registered and returned to the lab within six months of purchase.
  • You will need a clean, fresh poop sample for an accurate sample. It can sit at room temperature for up to 24 hours prior to mailing. If you are unable to mail the sample within 24 hours, keep the sample in the freezer until you are ready to send.
  • Your pet’s poop should be solid or semi-solid for best results.
What's Inside: ① Instructions, ② Registration Card, ③ 1 Tube for Filling, ④ Gloves, ⑤ A "Poop Bag", ⑥ Tongue Depressor
Register Your Kit Online → Fill in the identity card with your pet's name and date → Collect a fresh stool sample using the spork attached to the top of the tube or a wooden stick → Fill the tube up to the red fill line → Securely twist the cap onto the tube and place it inside the biohazard bag, sealing it → Mail the sample.

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