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The Crockpet Diet Recipe and Kidney & Gut Health Course by Dr Ruth Roberts
What Will You Learn on Mini Kidney Health Course
The Original Crockpet Diet for Cats and Dogs By Dr. Ruth Roberts – Supplements Bottles and Raw Ingredients
What Will You Learn on Mini Gut Health Course

Dr. Ruth's Courses

The Crockpet Health Bundle: Recipe + Kidney & Gut Health Course

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Keep your pup healthy and happy with The Original Crockpet Diet bundled with Gut Health and Kidney Health Course!

Learn the secret of Dr. Ruth Roberts' CrockPET recipe made from only the highest quality ingredients. Designed and carefully selected for a balanced diet and ensure your pet receives all the essential nutrients they need.

To ensure your pet's overall health and wellbeing, this bundle also includes a comprehensive course on pet’s kidney health where you'll learn all about kidney disease treatment that covers everything from home remedies to the latest medical advice. Also we will  take a deep dive into gut health to help ease symptoms such as diarrhea and IBD, unlocking a healthier lifestyle for your furry friend. Get started today and give your pet the gift of healthy treatments!


Get the latest in kidney disease treatment and gut health, from home remedies to the latest medical advice.

Exclusive digital membership, gives you lifetime access to The Original CrockPet Diet online.

Get immediate online access to the ebook, TOCPD recipe, and its many variations, including Keto versions, Dr. Ruth's recipe for pets with kidney disease, holiday recipes, and more!

Mini Kidney Health

Lesson 1 – Dog and Cat Kidney Health Starter Kit Quick Guide

Lesson 2 – Ollie My Dog with Chronic Kidney Disease

Lesson 3 – Free Kidney Health Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats

Lesson 4 – Kidney Health Protocol & Supplements


Mini Gut Health Course

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Gut Health

Lesson 2 – Gut Support Protocols for Pets

Lesson 3 – Free Kidney Health Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats

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