My Beloved Arnold: A Tribute to Pet Love and Gratitude

My Beloved Arnold: A Tribute to Pet Love and Gratitude

Have you ever had a pet that profoundly changed your life? Let me share with you the story of Arnold, my English Setter/Brittany Spaniel mix, a true companion whose spirit and resilience have inspired me in countless ways.

By sharing Arnold's story, I want to honor not just a beloved pet, but a true companion who shaped my life in amazing ways. This story is about the deep bond between a person and their pet and how much love and learning comes from this relationship. Arnold's story is unique, but the love and life lessons he brought are something many pet owners can relate to.

Arnold's Golden Years

Over the years, I've shared my home with many pets, but Arnold was truly special. He wasn't just any dog; he was a unique mix of English Setter and Brittany Spaniel, known for his playful mischief, stunning looks, and a heart full of love.

I was incredibly fortunate to have Arnold by my side for a long and fulfilling life journey. He lived to the ripe old age of 17. Despite his senior years bringing along arthritis, which often made it hard for him to stand without losing balance, Arnold never lost his spirit. Each time he stumbled, he'd pick himself right back up with a look that seemed to say, “Don’t mind me!” His resilience and cheerful disposition were truly inspiring.

arnold with mom

As Arnold got older, he wasn't as physically strong as he used to be, but he never lost his love for life. Eventually, Arnold got to the point where his mind was willing, but his body was weak. His muscles had shriveled up, and his gait was odd because it appeared that he was slinging his limbs with rubber bands to propel himself forward.

He loved to eat, but only if he had his own buffet laid out. It was hard to watch him change like this. And to make things tougher, his pain medication stopped being effective.

Memories and Lasting Bonds

The holidays always remind us of joyous moments in life, and as a pet parent, one of the brightest spots is undoubtedly our furbabies. Their unconditional love brings immeasurable happiness, something I've cherished with every pet I've had, especially Arnold.

Dr. Ruth Roberts and his dog, Arnold

There's this unforgettable time we went to the beach, thinking it might be our last trip together. But to my surprise, it turned into an amazing showcase of his never-ending energy. That weekend, he was just like his old self - joyful and fully involved in every moment.

When Arnold was younger, he loved it when I called him my handsome man. As he aged, I didn't realize that I had stopped saying it as much. A friend who understands animal communication pointed this out to me, and it saddened me deeply to think I might have disappointed him.

I never knew how much those simple words meant to Arnold, words I could have easily said every day. While we can't bring back those who have left us, it's essential to take time to appreciate the blessings we've received. Each pet that has been a part of my life has left an indelible mark, shaping my world in their unique way.

Eternal Lessons of Love and Compassion

This experience with Arnold didn't just bring me memories; it spurred me on a path of self-improvement and deeper connection with nature. His needs led me to explore acupuncture and holistic pet care, eventually inspiring The Original CrockPET Diet. Arnold's greatest gift was showing me how to better care for pets, like yours and mine.

As pet lovers, we all have our "Arnolds" - those special animals whose impact on our lives is profound and transformative. They teach us about loyalty, joy, and the fleeting nature of life. Remembering them isn't just about looking back at the times we shared; it's about carrying their spirit forward in the love and care we give to the animals that are still with us. In the end, the greatest tribute we can offer to the pets we've loved and lost is not just in remembering them, but in allowing their influence to continue to guide us.

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