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CHPHC Consultation

Dana Brigman

$125.00 USD

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Eleven years as a certified dog trainer taught me the relationship between nutrition and behavior and changed the direction of everything I do to support the health and longevity of dogs.  Now certified in canine nutrition, aromatherapy for animals, homeopathy, herbs, and Reiki (and a self-proclaimed learning junkie), I’m on a mission for your dog to eat better, feel better and live longer with integrative holistic modalities.

Cert. CN, Certified Holistic Pet Health Coach (CHPHC) | All things dog --- Allergies, Anxiety/Behavior, Aging/Seniors, Ailments, Gut Health, Joint Health, Seizures, Cancer, Emotional Trauma, Detox Protocols (not limited to) Certifications:  Canine Nutrition, Raw Dog Specialist, Animal Aromatherapy, Homeopathic Educator, Herbs, Reiki Master, Animal Communication.

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