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DoggyBiome™ Oral Health Test (Two Tests)

Animal Biome

AnimalBiome™ Oral Health Test For Cats and Dogs

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The Oral Microbiome Health Test uses innovative genetic sequencing technology to detect bacterial imbalances and species-level resolution of the most important oral pathogens and beneficial bacteria associated with feline and canine oral health.

Powered by the most comprehensive DNA sequencing technology, the Oral Microbiome Health Test can detect thousands of types of bacteria in your patient’s sample that are associated with canine oral microbiomes.

The test offers accurate and targeted species-level identification of the clinically relevant feline and canine oral health associates, periodontal disease associates, and potential pathobionts.

Key Features of the Oral Microbiome Test:

  • Track oral pathogens and pathobionts in the context of the oral microbiome.
  • Identify bacterial imbalances and problematic groups of bacteria that may contribute to oral and dental disease states.
  • Report includes customized recommendations on how to modify your patient’s oral and dental care routines to best meet their oral health needs.
  • Monitor oral microbiome in response to interventions and measure effectiveness of supplement therapy or oral care routine modifications with routine testing.


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