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EASE: Hemp Oil for Dogs (Allergies, Arthritis, Joint Support, Pancreatitis, Pain & Inflammation) SERVING SIZE
EASE: Hemp Oil for Dogs (Allergies, Arthritis, Joint Support, Pancreatitis, Pain & Inflammation)
EASE: Hemp Oil for Dogs (Allergies, Arthritis, Joint Support, Pancreatitis, Pain & Inflammation)
EASE: Hemp Oil for Dogs (Allergies, Arthritis, Joint Support, Pancreatitis, Pain & Inflammation)

EASE - Full Spectrum Oil For Dogs with Joint Issues and Inflammation

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Full Spectrum Oil for Dogs with Arthritis and Aches

Give your dog the healthy and active lifestyle it deserves with Full Spectrum Dog Health’s EASE. This organic, full spectrum hemp extract formula targets inflammation and naturally balances your dog’s immune system. EASE delivers a holistic solution to everyday allergies, arthritis, and aches and pains with a combination of high quality natural ingredients selected to promote healthy joints and greater mobility.  

EASE Full Spectrum Oil Health Benefits for Dogs

    1. Allergies: Full spectrum oil's anti-inflammatory properties can help alleviate skin irritation caused by allergies. It may reduce itching, redness, and discomfort.

    2. Arthritis & Joint Support: The Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in full spectrum oil can help reduce inflammation in joints, providing relief for dogs suffering from arthritis. It may also support overall joint health and mobility.

    3. Pancreatitis: Full spectrum oil is easily digestible and can be a good source of nutrition for dogs with pancreatitis. It may help soothe inflammation in the pancreas.

    4. Pain & Inflammation: Full spectrum oil contains compounds like CBD that interact with the endocannabinoid system, potentially providing natural pain relief. It may also help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

How Each Ingredient Contributes to the Effectiveness of Full Spectrum Oil for Dogs

  1. Full Spectrum Oil: Rich in cannabinoids, full spectrum oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in dogs. This helps regulate various bodily functions, including pain perception, inflammation, and immune response. It offers natural relief from discomfort and promotes a sense of calm.

  2. Turmeric: Known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, turmeric is a powerful herb. It contains curcumin, which can help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation associated with conditions like arthritis. Additionally, it supports the overall immune system.

  3. Frankincense: Frankincense possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It can aid in soothing joint discomfort and reducing inflammation. Additionally, frankincense may support a healthy immune response, contributing to your dog's overall well-being.

  4. Full Spectrum Seed Oil: A rich source of essential fatty acids, full spectrum seed oil promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat. It also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which can help manage inflammation. Additionally, full spectrum seed oil supports the immune system and contributes to overall cardiovascular health.

  5. MCT (Medium-Chain Triglyceride) Oil: MCT oil is easily digestible and provides a quick source of energy. It supports cognitive function and helps with nutrient absorption. Additionally, MCT oil may aid in weight management and promote a healthy metabolic rate.

    EASE Dosage and Strength


    • 1mL dropper contains at least 9mg of full spectrum extract
    • Each 2oz bottle contains at least 550mg of full spectrum extract
    • Each 2 oz bottle contains approximately 1mL 60 servings



        Are all ways of administering full spectrum oil the same?

        No! Depending on how you apply your pet’s tincture, it’s possible that up to 80% of the medicine could go to waste!

        Administering and dosing hemp is all a matter of bioavailability. In layman’s terms, bioavailability refers to the amount of time, and at what rate, something is absorbed into your bloodstream and how much is excreted without effect. This is important because bioavailability effects how much to give in one dose, and how quickly your pet can feel the effects.

        1. ON THE GUMS: The best (and most cost effective) way to administer hemp oil is directly on to the gums. This method works best because the medicine is absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth and the hemp then goes directly into the bloodstream, for a more efficient and faster delivery.
        2. ON FOOD: Putting the oil on food will take longer to show effect and are generally less effective. This is because they must go all the way through the digestive tract and filtration processes like the first pass of the liver. This results in less of the medicine reaching the parts of the body where your pet needs it most.
        3. RUB INTO EARS: If you are unable to get your pet to take a tincture orally, or on their food, try applying your tincture to the soft skin of your dog or cat’s inner ear! This is the least bioavailable option and will also take the longest to reach the bloodstream. We recommend you apply the oil to your finger and rub it into the area where the fur stops growing.

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