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Free and Easy Wanderer 2 oz
Free and Easy Wanderer 2 oz
Free and Easy Wanderer 2 oz
Free and Easy Wanderer 2 oz Dietary Supplement

Dr. Ruth Roberts

Free and Easy Wanderer 2 oz | Dr. Ruth Roberts

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Bupleurum Sedative Pill 
(xiao yan wan)

Free and Easy Wanderer is the classic formula to help support the Liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 It helps to course the Liver, reducing irascibility, smoothing the flow of Qi and Blood in the body. 

That translates to improving irritability and anxiety, and support of the digestive process.

Start at the low end of the dose to prevent soft stool or diarrhea. 

Bupleurum Chinese radix, Paeonia lactiflora radix, Angelica sinensis radix, Poria cocos sclerotium, Atractylodes macrocephala rhizome, Glycyrrhiza uralensis radix, Zingiber officinale cortex rhizomatis, Mentha haplocalyx herba 

Water 55% to 65% by volume 
Alcohol 18% to 22% by volume

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