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Coaches-Dr. Ruth Roberts

Michael Daly

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Michael Daly is one of the first graduates from the Holistic Pet Health Coach Certification course. He was a Veterinary Assistant for over 20 years, 5 of them working for Dr. Ruth Roberts at her clinic Sun Dog Cat Moon.  Trained in Eastern, Western, and Functional medicine Michael has an array of  knowledge for all types of treatments for pets. Along with these credentials, Michael, for the past 10 years also has run a successful business as a Certified Canine Massage Therapist and Certified Equine Shiatsu Massage Practitioner.

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Denise G.
United States

Look No Further for a Pet Health Coach

Michael Daly is a very kind and competent pet Healthcare Coach. I have a 4 year old Havernese with Idiopathic Epilepsy that began in October of 2022. His epilepsy resulted in grand mal seizures every three weeks which then progressed to every two weeks. Life revolved around his medical care. I refused pharmaceutical medication initially because I knew alternative medicine should help. Unfortunately I did not find the right provider. While he was given CBD and tinctures they were not strong enough to abate the seizures. I did not know enough about CBD and thought there was no other choice but to try anti-seizure medication. We started with Keppra. He was allergic to it. Developed skin sores and was hot all the time. It also did not work. Vet then introduced phenobarbital 15mg, plus the Keppra. That did not work. We then consulted with Neurology who said dosage was too low, so we increased the phenobarbital to 45mg, plus the Keppra. He was miserable, starving all the time, gained 10lbs, never slept, labored breathing and was hot. I knew I had to find something different. I searched night after night on line learning what caused seizures, how CBD helped, specifically Heal from CBD Dog Health. I also started listening to podcasts about seizures/CBD studies for pets with epilepsy, including the importance of diet. I changed his diet to raw, started using CBD Heal, some adaptogens - Vitality- and then weaned him off the Keppra. While his skin became much better the cluster seizures continued. Neurologist increased his phenobarbital to 95mg as his blood work indicated it was still too low. He became very bloated, hotter, panting all the time, and lethargic. Shortly thereafter he was taken to the ER in pain with an enlarged liver. Neurologist then agreed to wean him off the phenobarbital as he was not metabolizing the medication. They wanted to give him a different anti-seizure medication. I refused and they agreed to help me see if the CBD alone would work. His dose was reduced and the CBD was increased. In desperation I called back to CBD Dog Health and the Vet Tech recommended I consider a Pet Health Coach through Dr. Ruth Roberts. I ordered a consult with Michael Daly. Life changed almost immediately. He was compassionate and explained why the seizures were occurring. Then set a plan to help. While lowering his phenobarbital, I kept him on .50 mg of CBD Heal three times a day. We then started introducing his protocol of Total Body Support, herbal supplements for seizures, liver support supplements, as well supplements to repair leaky gut and detox his liver. The difference was immediate and our lives almost felt normal. He was playing, running, acting like a pup again in the first week. He is now sleeping better Since starting the program he has gone two (2) months without a seizure! That is a huge victory when we have endured cluster grand mal seizures every 2-3 weeks for a year and a half. We have hope and are excited to move on to the next step. If Michael can get us through this nightmare I am confident he can help you! And as an added bonus he would consult with Dr. Roberts during our protocol and adjustments were made with further explanations as to why. I cannot thank Michael Daly enough for all that he has done to help our pup and help us regain some control back to our lives.

United States United States

It took a while to get to Henri’s stomach, but I've found the best Crockpet chef on the planet.

Michael’s skills in customizing a recipe and cooking it specific to Henri’s needs are impressive and offer a convenience I didn’t know was missing from my life. Not only is the food expertly cooked with quality ingredients, but I admire Michael’s commitment to the environment by using containers that can be reused or recycled. Perhaps most impressive is Michael’s joy and good humor towards life, his positive attitude has a positive impact on the food cooked for Henri.

United States United States


Michael has played a couple of different roles with me and my dogs. He started out being my sport dog’s massage therapist He helped Carson comfortably continue to show. Last year when I wanted to get a handle on Kenzies allergies. He navigated us thru the what could be the scary world of home cooking. Michael continues to check in on Kenzie. His knowledge of different supplements is incredible. Thru his knowledge and support I have the confidence that I am doing the best I can do for Kenzie.

Amanda C.
United States United States

New life for my old lady!

Michael is outstanding! My 12-year-old standard schnauzer has cancer. I was seeking something natural to hopefully, slow the tumor and extend and improve the quality of her life. Michael was so understanding and never judged. He walked me through every step and is open to all of my questions - even the small ones. Both my dogs are genuinely loving their new diet and we are grateful for Michael's help and kindness. Highly recommend!!

Dr. Ruth Roberts Michael Daly Review
William C.
United States United States

Fantastic results

I met Michael to help with my Golden Retriever Luna, who was overweight. He coached and guided me to begin the Crockpet diet and traditional Chinese veterinarian medicine. The results have been nothing less than amazing! She lost over 12 lbs and looks great. My vet was so impressed!. She also used to have seasonal allergy issues, which she has no longer experienced since being on Crockpet for well over a year now. It’s great not having to go to the vet and give her medication (Apoquel). Another benefit is that Luna used to burp all the time, but that has been significantly reduced. Michael is such a great holistic pet health coach and I highly recommend him to everyone with pets.

Dr. Ruth Roberts Michael Daly Review

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