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ONCOTECT | Cancer Screening

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Oncotect The world's first non-invasive at-home cancer screening test for dogs. It is a Raleigh-based biotech startup committed to pioneering early screening of cancer risks in dogs using their urine. The company’s patent-pending in-vitro scientific test relies on its proprietary technology to detect cancerous metabolites. Oncotect is the only urine-based non-invasive, convenient, affordable, and accessible multi-cancer screening test available for dogs.

A highly accurate, non-invasive, early cancer screening tool, backed by scientific clinical research.

*Clinically tested for over 500 dogs            
*50+ Vets used and recommended
*83% Sensitivity, 96% Specificity       
*Requires no vet vist

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Oncotect uses urine samples to test for dog cancer with high accuracy. Specifically, by providing your dog’s urine sample, registering online, and mailing the sample back to the Oncotect team, Oncotect is able to detect cancer in dogs.

After the sample is mailed back and successfully delivered, you will then be able to register online, and speak directly with one of Oncotect’s dedicated professionals. This consultation allows you to review your dog’s screening in greater depth, while providing the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

First and foremost, Oncotect‚Äôs cancer screening test simply necessitates a urine sample, and is therefore non-invasive. Prior to Oncotect, cancer screening protocols were taxing on dogs, and/or required a visit to the vet ‚Äď therefore, you can ensure your furry friend remains calm and comfortable.
Second, Oncotect is highly accurate. It comes with 83% sensitivity, and 96% specificity.
Lastly, Oncotect is also veterinarian-recommended, having been used by over 50 vets successfully.

The test identifies the presence of cancer-associated volatile metabolites, providing veterinary professionals and pet owners with the information they need to make informed decisions about their pet's health.
PEr haps a couple mre FAQs from here?

First and foremost, all Oncotect test results are presented as three levels of cancer risk: low, moderate, or high. While yes, the test provides an indication of cancer risk, it does not specify the TYPE of cancer. Once initial tests have come back, please follow up with a trusted veterinarian.
Additionally, the Oncotect test effectively tests for the following cancers: mast cell tumors, hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, and melanoma.

The Oncotect test specializes in detecting cancer prior to any noticeable physical signs. By identifying cancer-associated volatile metabolites, the test empowers pet owners and veterinary professionals to take a proactive ‚Äď not reactive ‚Äď approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment. Early detection has the ability to improve successful treatment, while also leading to better health outcomes.