Sandy Reynolds

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I've always loved animals. Working with pets was a natural choice when I ditched a stressful career. My oldest dog inspires me to learn as much as possible and take the HPHC Certification course. Western vets didn't give me the help I needed for her digestive and gastro issues. After going to a fantastic pet food store on vacation and talking with one of their trained staff, I was hooked and learned that there was a lot more I could do and learn. Watching her regain health even at an advanced age has been amazing. I want to help other parents give their pets a long, healthy, and happy life. Helping pet parents convert to feeding fresh cooked food in a balanced diet is essential in extending the healthy lifespan of our beloved pets. Lessening the burden in our veterinary practices is vital to ease the stress on the profession as a whole. I'm proud to help make a difference where I can one pet at a time. In numbers we will make a difference.

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Email: Phone: (480) 707-2304

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