Maritza Mujica-Moreno

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Animal lover and mom to 4 pups - Karma Shark, Dixie Chopper, Jewel Birdie & Hachi Bat. Passionate about empowering others to take control of their health, as well as help animal lovers and pet parents to have confidence in using holistic alternatives. I am a true believer in holistic alternatives to enhance overall health. My journey began many years ago when I became a physical therapist and realized how amazing our bodies are, and the bodies of our pets are no different! I have been in healthcare for most of my life and realized animals face the same ailments we do and need that same support! Fast forward I am now following my passion and am certified under Dr. Ruth Roberts as a Holistic Pet Health Coach (C-HPHC). I'm eager and excited to share my knowledge and invest in your pets wellbeing and overall health! Looking forward to helping you and your beloved pet!

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Email: Phone: (305) 562-4490

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