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PetsPEMF Pad - PEMF Mat for Dogs and Cats

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The Best PEMF Mat for Dogs & Cats!

Introducing the PetsPEMF Pad – the ultimate game-changer for your furry friends. This PEMF mat for dogs and cats is designed to support your dogs or cats mobility and comfort, especially suitable for pet with joint pain and arthritis.

PEMF Pad Key Benefits:

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy involves sending magnetic energy into the body. It syncs up with the body's own magnetic field, giving a natural boost to the healing process. It's like a little extra push to help things along. This therapy can work for dogs and cats too! It works by sending pulsed electromagnetic energy into the dog's body, aligning with their natural magnetic field to promote healing and some other benefits:

  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation
  • Enhances Ease of Movement
  • Speeds Up Recovery After Injury or Surgery

It's a must-have for active or working pets!

Customized Therapy for Your Dogs and Cats

And here's the best part: PetsPEMF Pad offers a variety of programs with different frequencies. This means your pet can get targeted relief for pain, chill out after a busy day, or speed up healing after an injury or surgery. It's like tailoring the therapy just for them.

Additional Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Gesture Controlled
  • App Controlled
  • Anti-Scratch


27.5in x 17.5in x 0.8in | 700mm x 445mm x 20mm

💵 24-month warranty
📦 15 day return policy

It's recommended to consult with a veterinarian to ensure it's appropriate for your specific furry friends.

This PEMF mat for dogs and cats by PetsPEMF Pad is crafted from breathable, natural materials, and topped with a sturdy, waterproof, and scratch-resistant cover. Safety comes first, with no exposed cables, making it the most pet-friendly PEMF mat out there.
PAIN RELIEF Recommended Stimulation Regime: Frequencies: 50.6 Hz and 15.2 Hz, Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT, Position: Over the affected site, Duration: 30 minutes, Therapy: until needed. ACCELERATED HEALING Recommended Stimulation Regime: Frequencies: 15.2 Hz and 40.5 Hz, Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT, Position: Over the affected site, over the wound, Duration: 30 minutes, Therapy: until needed. STRESS RELIEF Recommended Stimulation Regime: Frequencies: 4 Hz and 6 Hz, Intensities: 2.5 mT and 1 mT, Position: Plexus (belly), whole body, head, Therapy: 1 week: 3 x 20 min a day, then 2: weeks 1-2 x 20 min a day

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Linda L.
United States United States

behavior improvement

I started my dog using the PEMF pad on June 11. It fits in his crate so I do 1-2 sessions daily. He has arthritis in both hips as well as hip dysplasia in his left hip. I’ve seen a noticeable positive difference in his overall behavior. He typically will spend most of his day laying outside either in the sun or on the garage floor. He now chooses to be in the house with us. He’s also much more at ease with our younger dog with whom he’s had issues with for the past three years. They are both spending time in the same room. He’s much more engaged with us too! I’m very pleased with this bed!

Eadie G.
United States United States

My dog loves it!

I’m not sure if it’s actually helping her with mobility but she definitely likes sleeping on it! Time will tell if it helps her, it’s too soon to tell

Dr. Ruth Roberts PetsPEMF Pad - PEMF Mat for Dogs and Cats Review
Karen K.
Philippines Philippines

My senior cat in renal failure loves his pad!

My Scooter loves his pad. I mostly use the pain management setting. He lays on it all day although I only have it on for a few hours a day.

Dr. Ruth Roberts PetsPEMF Pad - PEMF Mat for Dogs and Cats Review
Sandra C.
United States United States

Very pleased with this mat for my 13 year old border collie mix!

I take my dog to rehab (physiotherapy/acupuncture/laser) every 2 weeks for arthritis and back pain, and they recommended looking into PEMF mats. I’m so pleased with the results - you could tell after only a few days he was springier and faster on walks, and his legs stopped collapsing on him. I really like how it is rechargeable vs. only lasting a fixed number of sessions, as sometimes he is not in the mood to stay on it so I simply turn it off and try again later without having wasted a session.

Dr. Ruth Roberts PetsPEMF Pad - PEMF Mat for Dogs and Cats Review
A Dr. Ruth Roberts Customer
Dana B.

My Dogs Love It and I Love The Results

I have a senior 18yo Dachshund and a 9yo Pit Bull. My Pitbull injured her knee and we are supplementing her therapy with a mat at home. She is mending ahead of schedule and my rehab vet is so pleased! My 18yo was clearly slowing down and seemed a bit achy… little guy has new pep in his step and everyone is amazed. I’m just so happy to see him feeling good! Now I have one for me!!

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