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Sonja Rothe

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With a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education and a Master’s Degree in Health Education, being fit and healthy has always been a priority in my life. Now, as I near the end of a wonderful teaching career, helping dogs to be fit and healthy is my passion.

My holistic pet health coaching and canine nutrition journey began when conventional medicine failed my beautiful red standard poodle, Cleo. While going through what we went through together, I learned a lot about the veterinary industry, and I discovered that there was so much more that I could have done for her that the conventional and specialty vets never told me because they didn’t know. “Cleo’s Legacy” was born, and Cleo and her sister, Willie, have been the inspiration for my holistic journey. Together, you and I can help your pet to be as healthy and happy as possible using food and holistic modalities to enhance their health, address your concerns, and be proactive for their future. I am a pet parent who has been where you are. Now, I am here to help.

Dogs, Certified Professional Canine Nutritionist

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A Dr. Ruth Roberts Customer
Linda M.
Philippines Philippines


I was lucky enough to find Sonja at Cleo’s Legacy through a Facebook group that I was following. I don’t know how the stars aligned for me to find her, but she has made an amazing difference in my pets’ lives. I have no words to describe the comfort that I have knowing that she is available to me when I have doubts about my dogs’ nutrition, or questions about what’s best for them and their health journey forward. Sonja is extremely knowledgeable and recommends the best products. I love the wealth of resources that she knows of. One of my dogs had terrible allergies, some liver issues, and pain issues. Sonja has been there through the whole process, helping me get my dog on the other side of pain, out of his itching from allergies and is helping him to thrive. I highly recommend Sonja to all those pet parents out there who want the very best for their pets. Linda P. Otis and Lulu's mom

Dr. Ruth Roberts Sonja Rothe Review
Millie M.
Philippines Philippines

Stubborn Yeast Ear Infection

I would like to give Sonja Rothe a 5 star review for helping me with my dog's health issues. Let me start by saying I had been to two veterinarians for a stubborn yeast ear infection. Neither could help my dog and it was getting worse. We had spent close to $2000 and was four months in with her being in pain. Her whole side of her face was swollen. I was getting frantic trying to get her better. I had made an appt. with a holistic vet an hour away and the visit was going to be in a few months ( I needed help now, that was the soonest appt.) and it was going to be a couple hundred dollars just for the initial visit. Well I came across a FB site, Holistic Pet Health Group By Dr. Ruth Roberts. I was seeing these kinds of ear infections are pretty common. And many people were spending hundreds of dollars also to treat them. Many people had helpful advice, but I needed professional help, FAST. So I asked about a consultation and was immediately responded to by Sonja Rothe. She is a certified Holistic Health Pet Coach. I didn't know what to expect, but needed help and figured what did I have to lose. And her appt. was only $100. That was cheap compared to everything else. I had already had a sensitivity test done and I sent that to her with all the vet's notes from Cami's appointments. Sonja went over EVERYTHING and came back with a very outlined and specific plan for Cami. She gave me recipes and links to order all the supplements and step by step instructions. She went over all aspects of Cami's health, not just the ear infections, as I soon learned, it's all connected. You don't see such GREAT care these days for that price. But it didn't end there. She followed up with us every few weeks and made sure we were staying on the right path. I really was astonished at all the help she was giving us for the price. So it's been 4 months and Cami is doing very good. We made some big changes in her diet and supplements and she has responded %100. I know what to do at the first sign of an ear infection now, thanks to Sonja. All this will save me trips to the vets and lots of money. So I highly recommend Sonja for help with getting your fur baby healthy and keeping them there!! I live in a rural area also, where there isn't a lot of choices for vet's. So her service is super helpful for rural people. Contact her, your pet will thank you and so will your wallet. Millie (Cami's Mom)

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